We believe what goes around comes around. By empowering the next generation of design leaders who want to give back, we hope to create a more thriving, vibrant, and creative community. In turn, this inspires the next generation of creative leaders to pay it forward.

Pour Back at Turnstyle and Duo


Remember when we threw that party and raised a bunch of money to design for good? Well we're doing it again this year! This time around, Turnstyle and Duo are graciously opening up their studios to host this summer's Pour Back Fundraiser. Join us on August 7th at the historic Kolstrand Building on Ballard Ave. to sip some brews from Hilliard's and raise money to support designers & their causes.

Stay tuned for more updates about the event and the grant!

Details and Tickets are here.

Check out the work from our friends: turnstylestudio.com & duopr.com

And the winner is...

It was tough to be a judge at last night's award ceremony. Aaron Shurts (Deloitte Digital), Izzie Zahorian (Google), and David Wykes (Teague) were faced with the difficult task of choosing only ONE person to win the $1500 grant. Three amazing presentations were given by our finalists: Noelle Hoffman, Sarita Schaffer of Viva Farms, and Adriel Rollins & Melanie Wang of the Pivot team. Each project differed in audience, plan, and design; but passion and generosity were the 2 common characteristics that linked them together. They were all true examples of designing for good.

Pour Back Finalists from left to right: Sarita Schaffer, Adriel Rollins (Pivot), Melanie Wang (Pivot), and Noelle Hoffman.

Pour Back Finalists from left to right: Sarita Schaffer, Adriel Rollins (Pivot), Melanie Wang (Pivot), and Noelle Hoffman.

So who did the judges choose to be the first Pour Back Fund winner? Drum roll please... Sarita Schaffer! We can't wait to see her "pour back" her talent to the next generation of Washington farmers. Be sure to check back, as we'll be receiving updates from Sarita throughout the year. 

Noelle Hoffman and the Pivot Team were given Honorable Mentions of $500 each. We are so proud of these designers and so excited to see the great things they'll do for the community. 

A big congratulations goes out to Sarita and the rest of the Pour Back finalists! Thank you for sharing your ideas, talent, and passion to give back. Continue to inspire and design for good always.

Sarita with her $1500 award and the Pour Back judges: Izzie Zahorian, Aaron Shurts, and David Wykes

Sarita with her $1500 award and the Pour Back judges: Izzie Zahorian, Aaron Shurts, and David Wykes

Meet the Judges

Next week, one person will be awarded $1500 for their Pour Back project. So who will determine the winner? Our awesome panel of judges of course! We invited three of Seattle's very talented creatives to evaluate the finalists' projects. Here they are:



Aaron Shurts - Aaron is an Associate Creative Director at Deloitte Digital, a mobile and emerging technology agency. He is a passionate designer, leader and design educator who attributes his success in the field to his love of all things design and his strong focus on the conceptual creative.

Aaron is also in his second year serving as President of the Seattle chapter of AIGA, The Professional Association for Design. 


David Wykes - With a passion for design that shines through everything he does, David is a Creative Director who works across disciplines to connect dots and develop compelling stories and solutions. He is dedicated to inspiring teams to reach the next level in content quality. David received a degree from the Design For Industry program at Northumbria University in the UK where he won the prestigious Royal Society of Arts and Industry student award. After graduating with highest honors, David worked at London based consultancy PDD for clients including Braun, AT&T, Philips Medical and Yoplait, and also spent time at Microsoft, piloting a design incubation lab. At Teague, David has worked across categories, from medical to consumer packaged goods and everything in between. He has won multiple awards for his high quality work with clients such as Nike, HP, Samsung, Panasonic, Microsoft and SC Johnson. David never stops learning, so he thrives in unfamiliar situations. It’s no surprise that he loves attacking challenges that are out of his comfort zone as he often finds that the trickiest problems have the most exciting solutions. For inspiration, David turns to friends, films and poking fun… often at himself.


Izzie Zahorian - Izzie Zahorian is a Designer at Google who aims to make the world feel smaller. She is currently working on a project called WarmFood, whose goal is to make information on where to find warm meals and shelter more accessible to the homeless. She feels passionate about design as an enabler of change, and is excited about the creative energy in the PNW.

The result are in!

After months of fundraising for the Pour Back Fund, we were presented with a stack of awesome design proposals! Almost every submission we reviewed aimed to improve, help, or educate people in the Pacific Northwest, which made us excited to see people from our community designing for good. Overall we were impressed by everyone's ideas and plans, but we can only award 3 projects. It was a tough decision, but here are the finalists for Pour Back 2014:

Sarita Schaffer - Viva Farms, a packaging design kit to spread awareness about organic and local farming incubated by Viva Farms  in the PNW.

Noelle Hoffman - Outer Space, a themed coloring book and partnership with 826 to help Seattle children improve their creative and expository writing skills.    

Tad Hirsch and UW Team - Pivot, a water-soluble insert hidden in generic sanitary pads that provides assistance information to human trafficking victims in the PNW. 

All finalists will present their ideas to a panel of design judges on February 6th, where they will be awarded money for their cause. We wish them the best of luck!

Design for good always. 

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