Pour Back 2015 Grant Award goes to "Design for a Trans* Inclusive Seattle"

Last week, we were proud to announce the 3 finalists for the Pour Back 2015 grant, an award of $2500 given to designers who choose to make a positive impact through design. In the end, it was a diverse selection of designers; all of them proposing projects with the best intentions, but tackling different problems. The final teams were:

Archivo - Tyler Monteferrante, Catherine Lim, and Jennifer Cheng 

Design for a Trans* Inclusive Seattle: Towards a Gender Neutral Restroom Locating App - Kate Powell, Caitlin Esworthy, and Michel DeBauge  

Food: Too Good to Waste - Kaito Gengo, Karen Cheng, and Jennifer Otten 

Each team was invited to present their projects at Deloitte Digital, where they were evaluated by three creative leaders in Seattle: Nicole Sarsfield (Deloitte Digital), Gabriel Stromberg (CIVILIZATION), and Devin Liddell (TEAGUE). As each team showcased their ideas and design solutions for social/environmental problems, it became clear that this would be a hard decision. All teams had impressive presentations with thorough research, clear plans, and thoughtful design. At the end of the night, the judges awarded the "Design for a Trans* Inclusive Seattle" team the $2500 grant and mentorship to assist their project's development. The other teams did not go empty handed. Donations were given to the non-profits organizations that they are affiliated with, in hopes that they will aid their cause. 

We congratulate all teams and applaud you for using your talents and designs skills for good.