We believe what goes around comes around. By empowering the next generation of design leaders who want to give back, AIGA creates a more thriving, vibrant and creative community. In turn, this inspires the next generation of creative leaders to pay it forward.

With the help of local businesses, breweries, wineries, and distilleries, we are able to raise money for great causes. All money raised is put into the Pour Back Fund and then given to talented designers with big ideas and good intentions to help their fellow neighbor.


We want to recognize people who use design for good. If you have a project that you believe will have a positive impact on your community and you need the funds to kick start your endeavor, then AIGA encourages you to apply for the Pour Back Fund.

Submitted projects must be focused on benefitting a community in the Pacific Northwest. Examples: How might we re-envision public space? How might we support thriving neighborhoods? How might we enable the next generation of designers to solve real world problems?

Finalists for the grant will have their work featured on the AIGA website will present their visions at the Pour Back award ceremony. There, the finalists will present their ideas to a selection committee made up of some of the PNW's most notable designers and the Pour Back Grant winner will be selected. 


Like the other chapters of AIGA, the Seattle chapter is an all-volunteer organization that connects local designers to the collective voice, experience, and resources of the larger organization. Our success depends on the active participation of members and sponsors — that is, people like you.

AIGA supports design professionals, educators, and students at whatever stage they are in their careers. The association spans the many varied branches of the profession: from book design, typography, and other types of traditional communication design to newer disciplines such as interaction design and experience design.

AIGA has become a forum for design professionals to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research, and advance education and ethical practice.

AIGA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution. 

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