Is there a limit on the number of projects I can submit?  
The amount of submissions is limitless! If you have more than one great idea, would love to see them. And, more entries mean more opportunities to win!

Can I submit a project as a team?  
Yes, you can. We encourage collaboration!

How many grants will be awarded?  
We give out one grand prize grant annually to the top grant proposal. Depending on our fundraising success throughout the year, we may have 1-2 runners-up with amounts to be determined. 

What are my odds of winning the grant?
The more projects you submit, the greater your chance of winning! There is no limit on project submissions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

When will I find out if I am a grant recipient?
The Pour Back team will review all applications and select finalists. Finalists will be notified of their status in the process and will be invited to a Live Judging event to present their projects. The grant will be awarded at the Live Judging event.

How can I get involved? 
There are several ways to get involved in the Pour Back Grant: 
1. Apply for the grant
2. Attend a Pour Back fundraising event—check our events calendar to keep up on events
3. Join the Pour Back committee—we are always looking for passionate people to join our team!
4. Support the Pour Back grant at fundraising events through sponsorship. More info below.
4. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the know

How do I become a Pour Back sponsor?
The Pour Back grant owes its success to the support of generous local sponsors. There are several ways to be a sponsor of Pour Back, including donating artwork and raffle items to fundraising events, donating food and beverage to events, as well as monetary donations. All contributions go directly to fundraising events/grant funds.

How much of the proceeds of fundraisers go to the grant?
Due to our generous sponsors and donations, all proceeds raised at fundraising events go directly to the grant. 

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